4th spatial dimension & quantum physics

(Header image :By Jason Hise at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.Own work, Public Domain, Link)

It is said that quantum behavior is a probabilistic one. That means no one can confirm the state of quantum particle before observing it.

One more twist to it is the fact that pairs or groups of quantum particles exhibit an entanglement. In other words, each of the entangled quantum particles in a pair exhibit a complementary state.

Suppose  that there are 2 states : ‘yee’ and ‘hoo’; and a particle could be in any one of these state at a given time. Now consider two particles: ‘Yaa’ and ‘Raa’ that form a pair ‘YaaRaa’.

When YaaRaa are together, they would be in ‘yeehoo’ state, i.e. in any state until they are observed.

Now, if the state of one of the particle in the pair is observed to be ‘yee’, then by the entanglement phenomena, the other particle in the pair must be ‘hoo’, even if observed at the same time.

i.e. if Yaa is observed to be shouting ‘yee’, Raa would be crying ‘hoo’.

Then we separate YaaRaa, and take ‘Yaa’ to one end of galaxy and ‘Raa’ to the opposite end.

So now, even the light would take centuries to travel from Yaa to Raa.

However the entangled particles do maintain their complementary state, i.e they share their information with a speed that defies the limit of speed of light! (“special theory of relativity” states that faster-than-light signaling is not possible).

I.e. if we observe Yaa to be in state ‘hoo’, Raa would mystically know that we have observed Yaa and it is crying ‘hoo’, so  when we check Raa it would shout ‘yee’

How did they exchange information, faster than speed of light?

This phenomenon is not yet understood, and hence termed as “spooky action at a distance”. Here the classical conception of “local realism” is not correct! And the accepted formulation of quantum mechanics are rendered incomplete.

Many times I think that there are many spatial dimensions, but due to physical/sensor limitations we perceive and believe that there are only 3 dimensions.

Immanuel Kant, in 1783, wrote: “That everywhere space (which is not itself the boundary of another space) has three dimensions and that space in general cannot have more dimensions is based on the proposition that not more than three lines can intersect at right angles in one point. This proposition cannot at all be shown from concepts, but rests immediately on intuition and indeed on pure intuition a priori because it is apodictically (demonstrably) certain.”

How about  a 4th dimension and the entangled states are connected via this dimension to share information? What is the concept of speed in higher dimension? Even if the speed is ‘constant’ (fixed) (I mean in terms of distance travelled), could it travel larger distance when viewed from other dimensions?

Well till we get the answers, let’s squeeze our thoughts.

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