Vue.js – a progressive javascript framework

While trying to build a web application from scratch, I thought of trying my hand at Vue.js. The learning curve was so flat, that I instantly liked it and started using it thereafter. Here are some basic concepts of Vue, with the hope that they would be helpful to get you started.

The code to make the concepts clear and to try out is at:

(Errata: on the slide with “$root, $ref, $emit, @, :”  $emit: emits an event that the event handler can listen to and act upon)

I would highly recommend to visit the site and click on “Why Vue.js?” video.

Here is some excerpt from the video:

Over last decade web pages have become more dynamic and powerful, thanks to javascript.

We moved lot of code from server side to client browsers. But this leaves thousands of lines of javascript code connecting to html and css with no formal organisation.

This is why more developers are using javascript framework like Angular, React or Vue.

  • Vue is approachable, versatile and performant js framework, helps in creating maintainable codebase
  • Vue is progressive javascript framework, i.e in an existing application, we can plug view into just one part of the application. If we need to build more business logic on client end, vue has eco system that we need to scale

Core + Vuex +Vue-Router

  • Like other frontend frameworks, Vue allows to split the page into reusable components
  • Each component can have its own piece of javascript, css and html to render just that component.


The Vue reference api is at :

Please feel free to provide your feeback or suggestions.


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