Ganesh Visarjan

The Ganesh idol that we bring at our home/society or area, on Ganesh Chaturthi (4th day after new moon of Bhadrapad month), is set for visarjan (immersion/dissolution ) on “Anant Chaturdarshi” (day before full moon of same month).

Why do we do visarjan? What does it symbolize?

That which has ending is dissolved to endless(Anant= that which does not have end);
That which has form, is figurative (saakaar) is dissolved to formless(nirakaar);
That which is full of virtues(sagun) is submerged to arbitrary(nirgun).
The figurative God is in the form of idols (it is our psyche at initial stage that needs a form, a personification of virtues, a paragon for easy grasping), while formless God is omnipresent.

In our life too, we begin with person praise and ascend towards praise of element/tenor/tenet/pith.
This tenor is considered as the final testimony (not the form holding it).

In short Ganpati visarjan means commencement/inception of the worship of the vast or ginormous.

The tradition of bringing Ganpati at home and worshiping was already existing. But general/public celebration (sarvajanik Ganeshotsav) was started with a spirit of unity and organisation.
Aim fulfilling , knowledge fulfilling and well-being idol of Ganesh is a paragon for leaders and philosophers.

It might be difficult to view the supreme power in everyone, but everyone belongs to supreme power and hence we are related, is easy to understand.

(these thoughts are not mine but are of a great practical philosopher. I found them rational and inspiring. )


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