Ganesh Visarjan

The Ganesh idol that we bring at our home/society or area, on Ganesh Chaturthi (4th day after new moon of Bhadrapad month), is set for visarjan (immersion/dissolution ) on "Anant Chaturdarshi" (day before full moon of same month). Why do we do visarjan? What does it symbolize? That which has ending is dissolved to endless(Anant= … Continue reading Ganesh Visarjan


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi – Representing Ideal Leadership

The idol of Ganesh symbolises how an ideal leader should be. Ganesh = Gana(followers/people) + eesh(lord) = Lord of people = whom people follow = leader. Puranas are symbolic literature and everything in them is metaphorical. So what does an elephant headed God mean. So let's check the qualities of an elephant: First have you … Continue reading Happy Ganesh Chaturthi – Representing Ideal Leadership